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Last Updated: 23/09/2010
Government Procurement Vehicles
If you are a Government of Canada or Province of British Columbia buyer, there are many options for contracting with Robert Randall
and/or Robert Randall Consulting. Robert Randall is
pre-qualified on several Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia
supply arranges and standing offers.

Public Works and Government Services Professional Services On Line
  • Information Technology category
  • Management Consulting category

Robert Randall Consulting also maintains a network of TBIPS qualified firms.

IT Procurement Services of Shared Services Operations, within the Ministry of Citizens’ Services
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Researcher

Qualified Project Management Resources
  • Business and IM/IT streams

Alternative Service Delivery Secretariat – SATP 281
  • Business Advisor
  • Contract Negotiation

Corporate Supply Arrangement #000518
  • Facilitation Services

Tourism BC – WDMC-0902
  • Web Development Project Manager

BC Pension Corporation - PENC-11PMGT-RFQu004
  • Business Analysis  
  • Information Management/Information Technology
Doing Business with Robert Randall Consulting
Robert Randall Consulting is willing to consider all service contracting opportunities and has developed supporting
processes to facilitate effective engagements.

Contracting/Subcontracting Arrangements
Robert Randall frequently partners with other service providers as either the lead or as a subcontractor. Contact us for
further information.